Ignorance is a Socially Transmitted Disease.

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8 Week Habit Challenge

I’ve decided to follow a basic Monday-Friday schedule for 8 weeks from 6/6/22 – 8/6/22.

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Python: Comprehensions

Comprehensions build data structures with one or more iterator. This approach reduces syntax when building lists, dictionaries, or sets from conditional and loop statements. Build a list with a list comprehension import string alphabet = string.ascii_lowercase alphabet_list = [letter for letter in alphabet] print(alphabet_list) Build a dictionary with a dictionary comprehension import string...

Python: A Primer on Lists

Python lists can convert other data types to lists. They can be separated into single values with offset and split or groups of items (slices) with extract. An empty pair of square brackets creates an empty list empty_list = [] Or with the list() function empty_list = list() Convert a string list_from_string = list('triangle') Convert a tuple our_tuple = ('ready', 'set', 'go') list_from_tuple...


A tactical advantage demonstrates one’s strength. A strategic advantage leverages another’s weakness.

Stop Renting

Manufacturers value supply chain; so too should tech. If it’s not your advantage, it’s likely a disadvantage. Own your stack.


Solutions are not about profits, but about problems. The problem — not the solution — dictates the price.

100-year-old oak floor under carpet

I was lucky enough to find oak under the carpet in my office. There are a couple spots that need to be repaired and the entire perimeter needs to be sanded and stained. For being nearly 100 years old, I have no complaints.