Ignorance is a Socially Transmitted Disease.

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Dependency Inversion w/Mongo Engine + Flask

Page defines our object’s attributes. This allows us to create an object instance with the following attributes: author, content, title, and meta_attributes. /app/domain/page/page_model.py from cms.services.schema.page_schema import PageSchema class Page(PageSchema): """ Page class """ def __init__(self, author, content, title, meta_attributes, *args, **values): """ Instantiate page object...

New Exterior Lights

I installed new exterior lights yesterday and added dusk to dawn bulbs in each fixture to automate the on/off process. I was definitely surprised by how quickly each unit installed and am pleased with the results.

There’s something warm about a well lit home.

Project Car: 2004 Jetta GLS 1.8t [3]

Over the last few weeks I’ve been disassembling and cleaning the frontend with degreaser and a nylon brush. At some point the Jetta did receive the sport suspension upgrade — featuring the 2004.5 GLI springs.. I started working on the headliner. I’ve pulled down most of the fabric excluding what’s stuck behind the trim. I have to remove the trim and finish sanding the...

Project Car: 2004 Jetta GLS 1.8t [2]

So far I’ve changed the oil, given her a serious cleaning, and picked up a set of Konig wheels with basically new Hankook tires for $280. Eventually I’ll be throwing snow tires on the old factory wheels. l still need to change the transmission fluid, brake fluid, and start taking inventory. After I uncover and fix the current problems, I’ll be able to start planning performance...

Project Car: 2004 Jetta GLS 1.8t

I have always wanted to rebuild a car. Unfortunately, I have never had the space or time to take on such a project. After buying a house in January, I finally had a garage. The remaining problems: no tools, no knowledge, and no experience. I decided to go with Honda or Volkswagen due the active online communities, affordable aftermarket parts, and number of vehicles for sale locally. Both seemed...

Python: A Primer on Dictionaries

Python dictionaries are indexed by keys. Strings and numbers can always be keys. Tuples can be too if they contain strings, numbers, or tuples. Dictionaries consist of key and value pairs. An empty pair of braces creates an empty dictionary empty_dictionary = {} You can list a dictionary’s keys my_dictionary = {'User 1': 'AwesomePassword', 'User 2': 'AnotherPassword'}​list(my_dictionary)...


Think before speaking because speaking without thinking is akin to skydiving without a parachute; it’s dangerous and embarrassing.


There are millions of people in this world who will tell you that you can’t. Don’t be one of them.

Stagnation is Death

Those who believe partisan spin have already bought the premise. Reaffirming the base is the antithesis of progress. The future — by definition — is forward. Damned are those who reminisce. Stagnation has preceded the fall of every great nation.