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Stop Renting

Manufacturers value supply chain; so too should tech. If it’s not your advantage, it’s likely a disadvantage. Own your stack.


Solutions are not about profits, but about problems. The problem — not the solution — dictates the price.

100-year-old oak floor under carpet

I was lucky enough to find oak under the carpet in my office. There are a couple spots that need to be repaired and the entire perimeter needs to be sanded and stained. For being nearly 100 years old, I have no complaints.

Nontraditional Investments: Lego Sets

Lego sets outperform gold, art, and equities with an average return of 11% YoY. I began buying iconic Lego sets with the long-term aim of earning a return on investment. I’ll document my journey while comparing these results to those of my traditional investments. NameItemQuantityMSRPPurchasedCentral Perk213191$59.9912/2021The Friends Apartments102921$149.99 12/2021 Ross Keyring8541171$5.99...

Dependency Inversion w/Mongo Engine + Flask

Page defines our object’s attributes. This allows us to create an object instance with the following attributes: author, content, title, and meta_attributes. /app/domain/page/page_model.py from cms.services.schema.page_schema import PageSchema class Page(PageSchema): """ Page class """ def __init__(self, author, content, title, meta_attributes, *args, **values): """ Instantiate page object...

New Exterior Lights

I installed new exterior lights yesterday and added dusk to dawn bulbs in each fixture to automate the on/off process. I was definitely surprised by how quickly each unit installed and am pleased with the results.

There’s something warm about a well lit home.