Nontraditional Investments: Lego Sets

Lego sets outperform gold, art, and equities with an average return of 11% YoY.

I began buying iconic Lego sets with the long-term aim of earning a return on investment. I’ll document my journey while comparing these results to those of my traditional investments.

Central Perk213191$59.9912/2021
The Friends Apartments102921$149.99 12/2021
Ross Keyring8541171$5.99 12/2021
Harry, Hermione, Ron, & Hagrid404951$24.99 12/2021
Voldemort, Nagini, Bellatrix 404961$24.99 12/2021
adidas Originals Superstar102821$79.99 12/2021
Keychain LEGO VIP Program8540901VIP 12/2021
Hogwarts Students Acc. Set404191$14.991/2021
Minifigure Color Me Heritage Backpack50058111$55.00 1/2021
xtra Food404651$3.99 1/2021
London Bus402201$9.99 1/2021
xtra Chinatown404641$3.99 1/2021

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By Shane Bellone