2 Decisions

There are two decisions that dictate the course of our lives; whether to act and whether to commit to that action. When combined, those two choices breed purpose. With purpose, man becomes whole.


I think of the multiverse as a Rubik’s Cube comprising an infinite number of infinitely large cubes — all connected, but also distinctly separate. My understanding of the world embraces consciousness as a universal characteristic, not a byproduct of chance that is unique to our world. It builds upon the concepts of balance, persistence, and relativity, but not symmetry or equality in the...

The Nature of Power

What is power? Power describes the level of influence an individual or group possesses over their environment. It is not inherently good, nor is it inherently bad. Like most things, it depends on how one earns it and subsequently wields it. Typically, power results from exerting control over an environment or by decreasing the power of others. Physical force and threats of violence are the tools...