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Python: A Primer on Dictionaries

Python dictionaries are indexed by keys. Strings and numbers can always be keys. Tuples can be too if they contain strings, numbers, or tuples. Dictionaries consist of key and value pairs. An empty pair of braces creates an empty dictionary empty_dictionary = {} You can list a dictionary’s keys my_dictionary = {'User 1': 'AwesomePassword', 'User 2': 'AnotherPassword'}​list(my_dictionary)...

Stagnation is Death

Those who believe partisan spin have already bought the premise. Reaffirming the base is the antithesis of progress. The future — by definition — is forward. Damned are those who reminisce. Stagnation has preceded the fall of every great nation.

Deploy Flask on Nginx w/uWSGI

Required: Updated Debian 10 server with root privileges and a domain name. Install Nginx apt install nginx Verify Nginx is running by navigating to the server’s IP address. Install Flask & uWSGI apt install python3-pip python-dev pip3 install uwsgi flask Create Web Directory mkdir /var/www/[project_name] Create Simple App nano /var/www/[project_name]/ Add the following:...

2 Decisions

There are two decisions that dictate the course of our lives; whether to act and whether to commit to that action. When combined, those two choices breed purpose. And with purpose, man becomes whole.


I think of the multiverse as a Rubik’s Cube comprised of an infinite number of infinitely large cubes — all connected, but also distinctly separate. My understanding of the world embraces consciousness as a universal characteristic, not a byproduct of chance that is unique to our world. It builds upon the concepts of balance, persistence, and relativity, but not symmetry or equality in the...

The Nature of Power

What is power? Power represents the level of influence an entity possesses over their environment. It is not inherently good, nor is it inherently bad. Like most things, it is highly dependent on how it is obtained and utilized. Concern is warranted when considering how power is typically acquired, and subsequently maintained. Power is the direct result of exerting control over an environment...


Regret is the byproduct of being unhappy with who you are today.

Alternatively, a life without regret indicates that you are content with yourself to such a degree that you would not change anything about your past. Your present self is the aggregate of your past selves.

If you feel regret, make a change to become the person you want to be.